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Crocus King of the Striped 10 pcs.- ORGANIC

€ 3.95

Spring has not begun until the crocus flowers. While the grass is preparing itself for the new season, King of Striped is already there to brighten up the garden. As a member of the Vernus group, this cheerful flower has large blooms. The shiny petals are purple and, of course, beautifully striped. The centre makes a statement with its radiant orange stamens and pistil. Pollinators will be very pleased with this food supply in early spring. Bring your border, rock garden, or flower container to life with this crocus. Plant this low-maintenace crocus in a moderately moist soil, and it will naturalize and return year after year.

Height 15-20 Cm
Bloom time February-March
Planting Autumn
Plant depth 10-15 Cm
Food source for Bees and bumble bees