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Crocus Tricolor 10 pcs. - ORGANIC

€ 3.95

This radiant and outstanding crocus certainly makes its mark in every garden. It has six wonderful purple petals with a golden yellow heart surrounded by a striking white band. All this is presented on remarkable strong dark brown stems, surrounded by grassy foliage with a narrow silver central stripe. On dark days, when it doesn't open, it still looks cheerful because of the yellow-orange tube at its base. A great addition to every garden, be it under trees, in borders, rock gardens, or containers. It naturalizes under the right circumstances. Interesting fact: crocuses that have lived in the ground for several years flower earlier than the ones that have been planted in the year before.

Height 5-10 Cm
Bloom time February-March
Planting Autumn
Plant depth 10-15 Cm
Food source for Bees and bumble bees